Inked artwork for Detective Comics #655. January, 1993. Art by Sam Kieth.


Hulk by Sam Kieth


Wolverine Vs Venom by Sam Kieth

… and (some) of the missing Maxx’s

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Jean DuPaul and Bear from Aliens: Inhuman Condition. Sam Kieth, April 30th, 2013.

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For me, Maxx is like having Four Ex Wives, all getting together and revisiting you, and each compare notes.  Tons of mixed feelings, affection, regrets, embarrassment, ambivalence. All that. But that’s MY own personal baggage and neurosis, and damage, not yours. 

Sam Kieth will forever be one of my favourite artists to walk the planet

sam kieth’s the maxx (mtv oddities animated series)


And here’s a new cover that Sam’s been working on for the reprints of the original series that have been coming monthly from IDW Publishing.

Sam has a blog!  You should check it out for more works in progress.

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The Maxx Maxximized #7 Cover by Sam Kieth

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