one of these days

new order dub vulture

new order video 586

the 23 minute one that is the foundation of the power, corruption and lies era sound. the first 8 minutes are grand

taras shevchenko

no matter what they say to you
your heart beats you
late at night

new order procession (taras shevchenko)


new order

(Source: avalon-polo, via ew-wave)

new order temptation (live BBC 1984)

new order vanishing point (dub)


new order truth (fact 77 taras shevchenko)

not many bands can pull off the hooter. i could write an essay about this video

what ur fav new wave band says about u

  • adam and the ants: I will have sex with anybody
  • the b-52's: I will spit in your face and laugh
  • duran duran: I am a vain piece of shit
  • depeche mode: I blend into walls
  • erasure: gay
  • eurythmics: do you know how many shades of eyshadow I own? like at least a dozen
  • falco: I don't even speak german
  • inxs: I am wearing a bandanna and drinking cheap beer
  • japan: I'm special. so special
  • joy division: not even a new wave band also go fuck yourself
  • kate bush: I am an artsy piece of shit
  • new order: I never knew my true parents I was raised by a drum machine
  • the police: I hate myself I hate myself I hate myself
  • roxy music: the leather underpants I'm wearing are really chafing me
  • talking heads: what
  • u2: I appreciate the finer things in life and love getting my ass kicked
  • ub40: I think I'm an incredibly diverse and tolerant person