New Order, Ukranian Hall, New York City, 1981


(via contra-flow)

though i have always wanted the blue stripe ceremony and the white movement

79 plays


bueschi3000: Spraypainted, then screenprinted posters of New Order’s “Temptation.”

doing a play through of my least favourite pre-republic New Order albums. it has a lot of great songs but i’ve never really thought of it as a great new order album - i think the terrible edit of the perfect kiss has a lot to do with that but there’s just something that doesn’t work as an album.

'movement' is frigid and scared. but works

'power corruption and lies' is nervously confident but coy (and stunningly beautiful)

'low-life' has great moments but has always felt disjointed, still does.


the new order / joy division wing

strange fruit sfps001

new order peel session 1.6.82