way over yonder in the minor key
ain’t nobody that can sing like me
ain’t nobody that can sing like me

billy bragg and wilco ft. natalie merchant way over yonder in a minor key

Last night or the night before that (I won’t say which night)
A seaman friend of mine (I’ll not say which seaman)
Walked up to a big old building (I won’t say which building)
And would not have walked up the stairs (not to say which stairs)
If there had not have been two girls
(Leaving out the names of those two girls)

I recall a door, a big long room (I’ll not tell which room)
I remember a deep blue rug (but I can’t say which rug)
A girl took down a book of poems (not to say which book of poems)
As she read I laid my head (and I can’t tell which head)
Down in her lap (and I can mention which lap)

billy bragg and wilco walt whitman’s niece

a woodie guthrie song, set to music by bragg and wilco, this is a cheeky song, one of those nights that goes down into infamy.. but for reasons you just really can’t tell anyone about.

the harmonica in the middle i love, the piano work, the tightness of wilco. A very enjoyable, rollicking tale.

So I’d give this world
Just to dream a dream with you
On our bed of California stars

Billy Bragg & Wilco (Woodie Guthrie) California Stars