Outage of Adobe Creative Cloud, more than a day old, locked out app users


* actual conversation has not taken place because i’m holding off recommending the move to Creative Cloud for reasons such as the above.

Software as software > software as a service

oh illustrator. why you set your default state to white as an overprint pisses me off no end.

the adobe website is taking forever to load (i’m not sure it’s even loaded today - it’s my 2nd tab on the work machine) and they want me to update to Creative Cloud.

and later versions of CS are a dog when it comes to metallic spots because a lot of them treat them as LAB colours and printers fucking hate LAB colours

who ever thought that replacing manuals with online help.. i hope they got fired. out of a cannon. sideshow luke perry style.

vale packaged (adobe) software


It’s cheaper to fly to the United States and back to buy some of Adobe’s software there than it is to buy it in Australia. But that doesn’t appear to faze Adobe’s global chief executive Shantanu Narayen, who was forced to defend why his company charges Australians $1800 more for some of its software when compared with what it charges for the same software in the US.

Mr Narayen was in Sydney on Thursday to open a new Adobe office alongside Communications Minister Stephen Conroy and NSW Premier Barry O’Farrell, which will house about 200 staff

Read more: http://www.theage.com.au/technology/technology-news/adobe-chief-dodges-questions-over-pricing-20130214-2eetr.html#ixzz2KqbAyiiY

old school software still rules. i’m doing some indesigning tonight, i run cs3 at home (2.5 versions beind), because it’s pacy for one, and laying images and mucking with type is just as good.

i hope adobe realises that no one worth their salt is going to buy cs6 knowing there’s likely to be a non compatible 6.5 soon after.

cs3 i love. illustrator finally did everything it should (especially when opening existing pdfs for edit), photoshop was a tank and .indd was the boss.

Don’t do what Donny Don’t just did

(which was accidentially launch illustrator CS3 and CS5 at the same time)

my other big issue with adobe