Visitor in front of a Gerhard Richter painting

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Happy hour! Half price Cocteau’s

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Happy birthday Elizabeth Fraser


Aurora suburbia

© T.M. Fletcher

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thank you. the friday trip home is always the longest, always the worst… unless i can get going 10 mins early (which certainly ain’t the case tonight)

tech and i both from the fuckin’ western suburbs mate so talking about how painful it is to get home when there’s an accident on the bridge. Which is most days TBH


Women in punk

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Jana Sterbak, ‘Sisyphus Sport’, 1997

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:/ I sat on a job for today expecting shit to work.. and today has been FUCKED. Got it up and going now on one of the other ones but today has been one jam after the other on 3 machines now.

mr *it’s the paper* is still here