Where were you when Sydney had the most amazing sunset?

in Melbourne lol

Sorry for your loss. I understand the sun hasn’t risen in Melbourne for a few months now.

the best part of the melbourne-sydney rivalry is that it is very real

i didn’t coin it but i think it’s most apt and the more it is used the more it will become so

i had to go 29 pages deep in maudit’s buster tag. i haven’t laughed so much looking for an image in ages

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Tutorial on how to eat spaghetti. brought to you by Roscoe ‘fatty’ Arbuckle and Buster Keaton.

thank you i said as i left
i’ll be on my way
i see how it is

and we are all bourgeois now

mccarthy we are all bourgeous now

msp cover going around yesterday had me hankering for the original. i feel safe posting this that the fine socialist principles of mccarthy would be most happy with a share

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I'm an athlete ... Get me over there! How you could represent Norfolk Island at the Commonwealth Games

Norfolk-ing way!


Industrial Estate Peak