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she has her phases too

early morning lily - constantly around but sticking to this 1.5 metre distance from everyting

late morning lily - checks out every corner of the place, constantly checks in with me for pats and attentions, then on her way

day sleep lily - she’s so fluffy and sleepy

post nap lily - awwwww cuddles. think 2am drunk

evening lily - if you’re sitting down then i’m sitting on you

night lily - lily the explorer, going on adventures and climbing things.

Why did you choose the name Lily for your cat?

Her name is part of the reason she’s here. She came from the Lost Dog’s Home (or as we call it, the house of good cats) and they have a really good pet adoption website. Someone I know well had a phase of being in love with the name Lily for awhile, so it was always around as a name, and her name at the shelter was Lily.

She was described as a photoshy cat suited to staying indoors (and advised because of her nose) - and because this is a neighbourhood with a lot of cats i really wanted an indoor pet. Went to the shelter, met this shy cat, brought her home and the rest is history.

She’s such a Lily though that the name just stuck.


and the exact same thing happened in city folk, Cookie left without saying anything back then too. WHY ISNT OUR LOVE MUTUAL COOKIE WHYYYY




Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure (1989)

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