and being red, my new system will of course be faster than the old system

dodged a bullet, there’s my luck for this lifetime spent

most nervous moment of my life thus far

May be able to get 3ds up long enough to system transfer

docklands has no soul

hands up if you’ve also killed your 3ds in the past 24 hours


the fixers do the fixin’
the locals do the lynchin’
the papers deny

i went looking for a headline
got talked into the backline
then never seen the action

midnight oil armistice day

leaving out malcolm and angus young of course, there’s probably not been a better dual guitarist combination in australian rock than martin rotsey and jim moginie.

place without a postcard, their third and the album before the breakout 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 is my favourite of theirs. a major gripe in how flat it is produced however - the song writing though is tight and focused, australian society for what it is. Channel 9 loving. Wage blowing at the racetrack living. 4wDs and aboriginal culture denying. addicted and in denial. disconnected from the rest of the world and living in a bubble.

you know, the lucky country.

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Happy birthday captain

lady macduffer