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I remember when they came out in NZ and there was Ford advertising that said “anything less won’t do” that was soon bastardised

it was a great era for cars and so many of the late 70s stuff was still on the roads in the early 90s. great when you see something still going now, i saw a really old toyota being driven slowly but surely down one of the majors the other day.

anything less won’t go

that one that i saw a year ago was in such good condition.

i was a bit too young for the era but it was poorly received by the marketplace to put it mildly

the leyland p76 (via flickr)

7 gyms down and about to take on the goofy Team Galactic

prefab sprout cars and girls


Emotionally unprepared for Mondays. #NationalCoffeeDay

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Windows 1.0

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Dreamweaver - Gary Wright
Only one of the best songs from the 70s.  Hauntingly beautiful.

this is why i can’t HTML

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